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SCANLAB has been developing and manufacturing galvanometer scanners and scan solutions since its founding in 1990. SCANLAB's products turn lasers into precise, highly dynamic and flexible tools that provide the basis for performing countless processing tasks.

Our highly qualified and motivated team of about 350 employees possesses extensive market and application experience. SCANLAB's headquarters in Germany now manufactures and globally sells more than 35,000 scan solutions annually. As market leader, we have the largest installed base in the world. SCANLAB's headquarters as well as the main R&D and manufacturing site is in Puchheim, Germany (near Munich).

The SCANLAB Group employs industry and application experts around the world for the best on-site support.

Products and services

  • Galvanometer scanners
  • 2D scan systems
  • 3D scan systems
  • control boards
  • scan systems with fully digital servo electronics
  • digital encoder technology
  • laser processing software
  • vision solutions
  • optics
  • camera adapters
  • automatic self-calibration

SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan head sets new high-end standards for meeting the most challenging demands. Its groundbreaking SCANahead control technology and field-proven dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers attain previously unreachable dynamic performance and precision. This translates to enormous gains in productivity and process accuracy.

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basiCube is a scan head specifically designed for laser labeling applications. Its extreme compactness and ease of integration make it well-suited for installation in production lines.

• Very high write speeds
• Ideal in conjunction with fiber lasers
• Ultra-compact scan head – easy integration
• Attractive price/performance ratio
• Engineered and Made in Germany

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intelliSCANse 20 / 30

High-End se-Systems with Large Apertures
These recently introduced systems with large apertures (20 mm and 30 mm) now extend the application coverage of intelliSCAN se scan heads for situations requiring high power compatibility, smaller spots or larger working volumes.

Typical Applications
• Additive manufacturing
• Micro-cutting
• Micro-drilling
• Micro-welding

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Siemensstr. 2a
82178 Puchheim

Phone: +49 89 8007460
Internet: www.scanlab.de/en
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News & Innovations

Scan System Intelligence for Mass Production

The excelliSCAN scan head reliably meets the toughest requirements for laser micro-machining and additive manufacturing

Laser deflection and positioning technology leader SCANLAB GmbH announces series production of its high-end excelliSCAN scan system. This premium scan head proved its suitability for reliable industrial deployment in series micro-machining, and has now itself gone into series production. Last but not least, the scan head's built-in intelligence predestines it for integration in automated fabrication environments that leverage Industry 4.0 and IoT (internet of things).

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Entry-Level Scan Head Gains Even More Flexibility - New Interface Boosts Laser-Marking Capabilities

As the technology leader for high-precision laser scan systems, SCANLAB GmbH introduces an additional variant of its entrylevel basiCube scan head. This new basiCube model’s SL2-100 interface now allows direct control by RTC5 boards. Execution of highly elaborate laser jobs and more complex graphics is thus possible for laser marking, subsurface glass engraving or similar applications.

For years, the market has valued basiCube scan heads as compact, economical systems with high write speeds. The favorable price/performance ratio often leads to their selection as ‘entry-level heads’ for laser marking or 3D plastics printing. With a classic XY2-100 interface, control was limited to RTC4 boards.

To extend operational flexibility, basiCube is available effective immediately as a variant with a SL2-100 interface. Thus, the RTC5 can provide its multi-million-entry list buffer to overcome the RTC4 control board’s limitation of 8,000 list entries. RTC5 boards also let the laserDESK professional laser processing software conveniently utilize these scan heads. Here, laserDESK serves both as a control center for the scan head and as a graphical user interface for easy creation, management and automated execution of complex laser processing jobs.

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