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aplanoXX - aberration-free high NA focusing in transparent media

Compensation of spherical aberration induced by high NA focusing in transparent media like glass, sapphire, SiC is important function of objectives aplanoXX of patented design developed for laser microprocessing applications of sapphire dicing in LED manufacture, nanostructuring in fused silica for optical data storage and recording polarization converters; the aberration-free high NA focusing is also important in various types of microscopy. The novel optical design approach allows diffraction limited focusing in transparent media with NA in air up to 0.8 at depth of several millimeters and simultaneous compensation of aberration at different depths in case of multi-focal optics design. High resistance to radiation of high power ultra-short pulse lasers, operating with both TEM00 and multimode lasers at various wavelengths, compact design and low sensitivity to misalignments make it possible quick, easy and simple integration of aplanoXX objectives in already existing systems.

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Exhibitor: AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH